NEW: In2Care Mosquito Trap Video

NEW: In2Care Mosquito Trap


That could be because Aedes mosquitoes lay their eggs in many small breeding sites missed by conventional treatments.

The In2Care Mosquito trap exploits this behavior by contaminating the egg layer with US EPA approved products that uses her to spread larvicide to multiple breeding sites around your home, which kills larvae before they become biting adults, and eventually kills the egg layer several days after infection. This method is more targeted, more precise, environmentally friendly.

Let Triple L Pest Control inspect your property to determine the proper placement of the trap and ways to minimize mosquitoes. Monthly maintenance is necessary, during active mosquito months, to change the attractant and to replace the larvicide treated gauze floater which degrades with heat. Neighboring mosquitoes can fly in from surrounding property and their eggs can hatch out especially after a rain. Only female mosquitoes bite but people don’t like any bugs to land on them. Austin area residents suffer from more than 1 type of mosquito.

Our backpack mosquito mist service is great for quick knockdown of all mosquitoes. We recommend an initial backpack mist treatment and In2Care trap placement with maintenance, and misting as needed (monthly or every other month during active mosquito months). Call us for an estimate!

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