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Our services include: General Commercial and Residential maintenance pest control. Pre & Post Construction soil treatments for termites. Borate termite treatments for the wood in new homes. Rodent/Wildlife Inspections, Trapping and Exclusions. Attic cleaning/disinfecting.  Mosquito misting on a monthly or as needed basis.  We are a certified Termidor and Premise Professional applicator for termite treatments.  We are an authorized applicator of Topchoice granules for long term fire ant control.  Enjoy the outdoors more and keep your family safer from disease. We carry Workers Compensation Insurance and $1,000,000 General Liability insurance.

Professional and courteous! Feel much better about our home inside and out!! Very responsive to my initial request for service and the prices were very reasonable.  They did not pressure us to do monthly service and were very kind and patient.

Paula B.

Did a search for a new pest control company and received 3 quotes.  Picked Triple L because they are a small, local business and I like supporting smaller and local businesses.  I was not disappointed.  Danny, the technician, they sent out was very professional, friendly and through.  We had to call them back out after the first treatment for a problem under our deck and they were quick to respond again and took care of the problem.  We have used them now for two quarterly treatments and are very happy with their service.  I would highly recommend them.

Deborah P.

Very helpful and honest–highly recommended. I needed help identifying some bugs and he told me the truth while others gave me the run around and tried to sell me unnecessary products

Susan T.

Fast, efficient, fairly priced. No high pressure “program” sales pitch.

Shawn H.

We had a squirrel that decided to take up residence in our attic. After a couple quotes we really didn’t think we would be able to get the squirrel out fast enough. Triple L was able to come out get the squirrel out seal up all the points and didn’t break our bank. We will definitely be using them again for other pest control needs in the future. I would highly recommend them for anything that you are needing to take care of.

Steph C.

Called these fellas back in ’13 and we have not seen one ant in 4 years! But nature is persistent sometimes and a new colony found their way back inside our kids room again. Well of course I called Triple L and Freddie was our man this time. Let’s talk about communication. He called me the next morning and told me what time he’d be coming. Turns out he was available 30 min before the time we scheduled, CALLED AND ASKED would it be ok if he came 30 min earlier or stick with the original time as planned. I REALLY appreciated that! Of course I told him to get on over here lol and just like the last time another professional awesome job was done; Answered my questions, told me what to expect all that good stuff. Freddie didn’t use the dust this time but the spray and the gel still effectively did the job. Whatever ants did come in didn’t last long I’m sure (he told me some would still probably make it in so I wasn’t trippin). After the two weeks, checked back and swept up the dead ants which were about 10-12 in one spot. The other areas of entry were clear. It’s been another week and a few days now and nothing else has come in anywhere! I don’t expect anything less from this business and the people they employ. Whoever the manager is, you’re a fine judge of character. Keep up the great work guys!!! Triple L is the BEST! You have my trust for me to call your business the best. You’ll always have a loyal customer in me!

April H.

Great customer service all the way around. From the initial phone call to the technician that came out to the house. Very professional and thorough. Took his time to spray every area we spoke about. In the past I have seen these guys walk in and out in 10 minutes leaving me wondering about the service and if it was just a Groupon scam. Freddie the tech took his time and did a  comprehensive walk through and took his time. I will definitely use them again when it’s time for another quarterly service.

Chris S.

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Had them out last year for flea control in our yard. They also took care of most of the mosquitos.  I would recommend them to anyone.

Katie M.
Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

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I’m not sure what it says about us that we need pest control and I can think of a few things around here that are really pesty, that are not controllable. Having said that John from Triple L Pest Control, who had attempted to contact us by phone x2, and did leave messages stopped by today to re-inspect the protection they had put in place a year ago when we had Rocky Racoon as a houseguest. While here he completed a termite inspection also and thankfully did not find any evidence of them.
John, who had to wait on me at the door for 5 minutes ….was very nice as I was on the phone, had a cake in the oven, was repairing a piece of furniture and had opened a gallon of olive oil which splashed up in my eyes and face pretty much simultaneously!
He was more patient than I would’ve been, and even went outside to pet the pesky dogs I mentioned earlier.
An annual re-inspection is recommended so that if anything occurs during the year you are automatically covered for return visit and repair.

Susan W.
Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

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Fantastic service! We’ve noticed ants twice inside our house recently.  We’ve made it over a year at this residence without needing pest control.  But with all the rain, it sounds like pest companies are getting more calls for ants.

We called today and Les (the owner) answered. He was courteous and polite on the phone.  And about an hour later, he and Nathan showed up for treatment.  My husband called several companies for comparison of prices, and they were very reasonable, if not the most reasonable.

They arrived and either put shoe covering things on or removed their shoes.  Courteous, and mindful that we had dogs and to not let them out.

We signed up for quarterly service and are happy that they contact us for our next treatment and don’t just autocharge us and show up unannounced.

Natalie Y.
Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

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I called about noise in attic, called in the morning Monday or Tuesday and the professional came out that afternoon. Because I was nervous about it, they came out to take a look. The professional did not promise anything, but the owner himself came and did an inspection. I was very impressed with how quick they were, and how prompt. We use the professionals for a monthly service. They definitely gained our trust, and our business

Christina K
Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

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Les was very knowledgeable. He did the job himself and was pretty quick. Did not leave the jobsite a mess (was actually cleaner when he left than when he got here lol) Recommend his company over a larger one any day.

Tim H.
Control or Eliminate Rodents

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I was very pleased with Triple L Pest Control. The initial contact was prompt, the inspection was thorough, the explanation of the problem (identified entry point of squirrel into attic) was clear, the cost was very reasonable, and the work was undertaken immediately and finished efficiently. I would use this company again in a heartbeat.

Janice P.
Control or Eliminate Rodents

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Knowledgeable and thorough. Les came out immediately to my house to handle a rodent problem in my attic and walls. He spent a lot of time and care to find all of the rodent entries and secure all of the holes. It’s been months and I haven’t had any problems since. Reasonably priced and a pleasure to work with!

Google User
Pest Control

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Very fast response to my request and followed-up frequently until I was sastisfied that the problem was solved. I do have a suggestion – which is not meant as a criticism – it is based on 31 years of purchasing for UT where I dealt with multiple vendors on a daily basis: one of the first things that was brought up before the situation was diagnosed and a solution offered, was the quarterly service. Since I didn’t know you or the company, I was hesitant to commit to it. I would suggest offering that service to your customers after they have gained confidence that the job will be done satisfactorily.

House Owner

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He was VERY thorough, taking over 30 minutes to just look at the problem before he made any real recommendations. He waited patiently with my husband who was locked out of the house for me to unlock the house. He offered to come back another time if I felt I still had problems, but I never did. He was reasonably priced. Will definitely use him again.

Control or Eliminate Rodents


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