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Triple L Pest Control LLC is a 17 year Cedar Park locally owned & operated full service pest control business servicing commercial & residential customers.  Our services include : General maintenance pest control for ants roaches, rats, mice, silverfish, scorpions, crickets, spiders, wasps, fleas, ticks, pill bugs, centipedes, & others.  We do pre construction & post construction termite soil treatments, borate treatments to the wood in new construction as outlined in the Green Builder Program from the City of Austin Energy.  We have a Topchoice fire ant program for the lawn that is guaranteed for 1 year.  We provide wildlife trapping, rat trapping & rodent exclusion services.  If your home or business qualifies we have a renewable yearly exclusion warranty inspection service.  We carry general liability insurance and have Workers Comp Insurance.







Thank you Cedar Park and surrounding Austin area for 15 great years of support.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!

Triple L Pest Control is a locally owned and operated full service pest control business.

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You usually hear raccoons on roofs or in attics at night.  They weigh 10 to 30 pounds.  Gestation is 63 days and usually 3 to 5 in the litter, one littler per year usually.  Juveniles are born February through May and are weaned in 2 to 4 months, earliest is April but can be in August.  Juveniles are hidden away from adult males since they have proven to be aggressive and dangerous to the young.  Juveniles will be mother’s shadow from birth to usually January, then after all life’s lessons are taught, mother will recover in semi hibernation for a month sometimes losing 1/3 of her weight by not eating or going to a food baited trap.  Juveniles are off on their own.  Then breeding starts over again.  Raccoons can cause considerable damage to an attic HVAC and mat down insulation reducing its R-value to heat and cool you’re home.



Spiders are beneficial in the outdoors but when they use our homes as their home that becomes a problem that we can help with.  Some spiders spin webs to catch their prey; others run down their prey.  We can control Black Widows, Brown Recluses, American House Spiders, Jumping Spiders, Wolf Spiders, Long Bodied Cellar Spiders & Daddy Long Leg Spiders.  We can broom down webs in garages, entryway and under large furniture.  We also control spiders by minimizing their food source by baiting the outdoors around your home to control small bugs.



Squirrels are seen or heard during the day and return to the nest at night.  If you hear sounds at night it’s usually rats.  They weigh 1.5 to 2.5 pounds.  Gestation is 45 days, usually three juveniles in each litter (2 litters/year) and usually born in February through April and July through September.  Weaning is 10 to 12 weeks; juveniles explore outside the nest after weaning.  Lifespan is 4 to 7 years but half of the population dies out each year.  Trimming trees 10 feet back from the roof if possible will help keep squirrels out of attics.  If they have made their nest in the soffit or attic to get out of the cold, then a one way door/cage covering their entry point works better than live traps in the attic.  They can leave the attic but can’t return.  Squirrels can gnaw on soffits/roof gaps to gain entrance to an attic or through attic vents; therefore making a mess in a attic or gnawing on wires.



In our service area we find three types of rats/mice that include Norway Rats, Roof Rats and House Mice.

  • Norway Rats are brownish in color, weight 10-17 oz and are up to 18″ long with tail.  They mature in 2-3 months with a gestation period of 23 days.  A litter will include 6-12 young and they have 4-7 litters a year.  Norway rats feed on dog food, birdseed, and just about anything.  Their life span is about 18 months and they nest in burrows of 100-150′ from food and water.
  • Roof Rats are dark gray in color, weight around 8 oz and are up to 13-17″ long.  They mature in 2-3 months with a gestation period of 22 days.  A litter will include 6-8 young and they have 4-6 litters a year.  Roof rats feed on fruits, vegetables and seeds.  Life span is about 18 months and nest in trees/roof tops and in burrows of 100-150′ from food and water.
  • House Mice are black/gray in color and weight 3/4 oz and are up to 6-7″ long with tail.  They mature in 1 month with a gestation period of 19 days.  A litter will include 5-6 young and mice have 8 litters a year.  House mice feed on grains and cereals.  Life span is about 15-18 months.


In this area of Texas we see honeybees, cicada killers, hornets, red wasps, mud daubers, yellow jackets and paper wasps.  Not all of these sting so identification and knowledge of their biology is helpful.  We can control red & paper wasps by treating and knocking down the nest and we can scrap mud dauber nests off of houses.  We can treat 1 & 2 story structures.  Honeybees are usually seen on newly flowering trees, plants, or flowers.  They play a vital role in pollination and they shouldn’t be sprayed.  They aren’t aggressive when they are collecting nectar and if left alone they won’t bother people.  If the whole colony (30,000-60,000 members) nests in a structure, call a professional.  We understand that some people are allergic to stings but cicada killers are only after cicadas and mud daubers are busy building their mud nurseries for their young and rarely bother people.  Yellow jackets, paper wasps and red wasps will sting if you get too close when they are protecting their nest and are more easily controlled with regular maintenance service to identify and knock down the nest early when they are small.



Even though we can do everything to treat and control most pest issues, homeowner preparation is vital to having a successful treatment.  Below are specific steps homeowners should take before and after a flea treatment.


  • Vacuum all rugs, carpets and furniture (especially between and under cushions).  Seal and dispose of the vacuum bag or disinfect the vacuum canister.
  • Clear and clean all floors, even closets.  Mop all tile and vinyl floors and sweep all concrete floors.
  • Remove all decorative items, pillows, pet food, water dishes, children’s toys or anything that you wouldn’t want sprayed.  Be sure to check for items under beds and furniture.
  • Remove all pets.  A bath visit at the groomer allows the spray time to dry and pets come back flea free.  Fish bowls and aquariums may remain if properly covered and the air pump is shut off during treatment.  Ask us for specific instructions.
  • Wash or dispose of all pet bedding.  If you are able to wash the bed please make sure you wash it separately from other linens.
  • Mow your lawn and make sure everything on the ground outside has been removed.
  • Make sure you let us know where you pets sleep, rest and eat.


  • Follow our specific instructions after we have treated your home.  To give the insecticide time to work, we ask you resume normal vacuuming 24 hours after your home has been treated.

  • Continue vacuuming 2-3 times per week with intervals of 3 weeks for a total of 6-9 times.  The vacuum’s mechanical pressure will improve the effectiveness of the insecticide by stimulating unhatched fleas to emerge from their protective pupae cases.
  • It is normal to see some adult fleas for up to 3 weeks after treatment.  Flea pupae are protected from insecticides by their cocoons.  They will continue emerging as adults over a period of 1-3 weeks.  Once exposed to the insecticide residual though, they will be eliminated.


  • Carpets, rugs, floor tile joints, furniture, cracks between wood flooring, pet bedding, pet resting spots, and even under furniture cushions; are all places within your home where fleas can take harborage.

  • While adult fleas are most obvious, pre-adult fleas can account for as much as 99% of an infestations.  It is essential that fleas are stopped in all four life cycle stages:  egg, larva, pupa and adult.
  • At Triple L Pest Control LLC we have the products and expertise needed to create a flea-free indoor environment.
Source:  ZOËCON technical white papers

No Project Is Too Small or Large

No pest treatment is too small or too large for Triple L Pest Control.  Use our Request Form to schedule an appointment or ask any pest control questions.
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  • Professional and courteous! Feel much better about our home inside and out!! Very responsive to my initial request for service and the prices were very reasonable.  They did not pressure us to do monthly service and were very kind and patient.

    Paula B.
  • Did a search for a new pest control company and received 3 quotes.  Picked Triple L because they are a small, local business and I like supporting smaller and local businesses.  I was not disappointed.  Danny, the technician, they sent out was very professional, friendly and through.  We had to call them back out after the first treatment for a problem under our deck and they were quick to respond again and took care of the problem.  We have used them now for two quarterly treatments and are very happy with their service.  I would highly recommend them.

    Deborah P.
  • Very helpful and honest–highly recommended. I needed help identifying some bugs and he told me the truth while others gave me the run around and tried to sell me unnecessary products

    Susan T.
  • Fast, efficient, fairly priced. No high pressure “program” sales pitch.

    Shawn H.
  • We had a squirrel that decided to take up residence in our attic. After a couple quotes we really didn’t think we would be able to get the squirrel out fast enough. Triple L was able to come out get the squirrel out seal up all the points and didn’t break our bank. We will definitely be using them again for other pest control needs in the future. I would highly recommend them for anything that you are needing to take care of.

    Steph C.
  • Called these fellas back in ’13 and we have not seen one ant in 4 years! But nature is persistent sometimes and a new colony found their way back inside our kids room again. Well of course I called Triple L and Freddie was our man this time. Let’s talk about communication. He called me the next morning and told me what time he’d be coming. Turns out he was available 30 min before the time we scheduled, CALLED AND ASKED would it be ok if he came 30 min earlier or stick with the original time as planned. I REALLY appreciated that! Of course I told him to get on over here lol and just like the last time another professional awesome job was done; Answered my questions, told me what to expect all that good stuff. Freddie didn’t use the dust this time but the spray and the gel still effectively did the job. Whatever ants did come in didn’t last long I’m sure (he told me some would still probably make it in so I wasn’t trippin). After the two weeks, checked back and swept up the dead ants which were about 10-12 in one spot. The other areas of entry were clear. It’s been another week and a few days now and nothing else has come in anywhere! I don’t expect anything less from this business and the people they employ. Whoever the manager is, you’re a fine judge of character. Keep up the great work guys!!! Triple L is the BEST! You have my trust for me to call your business the best. You’ll always have a loyal customer in me!

    April H.
  • Great customer service all the way around. From the initial phone call to the technician that came out to the house. Very professional and thorough. Took his time to spray every area we spoke about. In the past I have seen these guys walk in and out in 10 minutes leaving me wondering about the service and if it was just a Groupon scam. Freddie the tech took his time and did a  comprehensive walk through and took his time. I will definitely use them again when it’s time for another quarterly service.

    Chris S.
  • Review from:

    Had them out last year for flea control in our yard. They also took care of most of the mosquitos.  I would recommend them to anyone.

    Katie M.
    Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
  • Review from:

    I’m not sure what it says about us that we need pest control and I can think of a few things around here that are really pesty, that are not controllable. Having said that John from Triple L Pest Control, who had attempted to contact us by phone x2, and did leave messages stopped by today to re-inspect the protection they had put in place a year ago when we had Rocky Racoon as a houseguest. While here he completed a termite inspection also and thankfully did not find any evidence of them.
    John, who had to wait on me at the door for 5 minutes ….was very nice as I was on the phone, had a cake in the oven, was repairing a piece of furniture and had opened a gallon of olive oil which splashed up in my eyes and face pretty much simultaneously!
    He was more patient than I would’ve been, and even went outside to pet the pesky dogs I mentioned earlier.
    An annual re-inspection is recommended so that if anything occurs during the year you are automatically covered for return visit and repair.

    Susan W.
    Pest Control - Bugs & Insects
  • Review from:

    Fantastic service! We’ve noticed ants twice inside our house recently.  We’ve made it over a year at this residence without needing pest control.  But with all the rain, it sounds like pest companies are getting more calls for ants.

    We called today and Les (the owner) answered. He was courteous and polite on the phone.  And about an hour later, he and Nathan showed up for treatment.  My husband called several companies for comparison of prices, and they were very reasonable, if not the most reasonable.

    They arrived and either put shoe covering things on or removed their shoes.  Courteous, and mindful that we had dogs and to not let them out.

    We signed up for quarterly service and are happy that they contact us for our next treatment and don’t just autocharge us and show up unannounced.

    Natalie Y.
    Pest Control - Bugs & Insects

Additional Services

  • Pest Control:  General Pest and Termites
  • Pest Control:  Raccoon and Squirrel Trapping
  • Pest Control:  Rodent & Wildlife Exclusions
  • Pest Control:  Mosquito Misting
  • Pest Control:  Ants, Roaches, Silverfish, Crickets, Wasps, Fleas, Ticks, Centipedes
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  • Commercial


As Triple L Pest Control continues to grow, we may have opportunities to join our team.  Please contact us for current opportunities.
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